Venezuelan Bitcoin Mining Continues Despite Government ...

Venezuelan exchange Surbitcoin under investigation for money laundry

From non official sources but very trusted ones i can tell you BTC reddit users that Venezuelan Bitcoin exchange SURBITCOIN its currently under investigation in Venezuela for money laundry and other charges related to cybercrime by the Venezuelan Intelligence Service SEBIN similar to FBI in the UNITED STATES.
20 Days ago two Venezuelans citizens were jailed when SEBIN raided a warehouse they use to run a web hosting business, this two people have some 20 miners and other equipment, and also SEBIN found large quantity of Venezuelan and USA money, Credit Cards, and information related to money laundry.
After this SEBIN investigations bring them to SURBITCOIN, the site that this two persons were using to move some of this money. SEBIN ask DANIEL ARRAEZ, the only employee of SURBITCOIN in Venezuela to visit its office. when DANIEL ARRAEZ visited SEBIN office was detained under investigation for several activities that are illegal under Venezuela law.
Here its the important part of all this, Just before Daniel Arraez visited Sebin. Rodrigo Souza or Reddit User pinhopro did an interview here were he say this "No sabemos qué quiere el SEBIN, pero no tienen ninguna base legal. Si el SEBIN quiere poner a alguien tras las rejas, tienen que ir por los responsables de VTV"
"I dnt know what SEBIN wants, SEBIN has no legal right, If SEBIN WANTS TO JAIL SOMEONE IT SHOULD JAIL VTV" VTV its the Goverment Television
This means that Rodrigo Souza knew that Daniel Arraez was going to be jailed and he did nothing about it, also his friend thats part of Surbitcoin Randy Brito or his Reddit rdymac . Randy Brito its an old friend of him from Valencia Venezuela.
Daniel Arraez its facing 7 yrs in Prision and there is total silent about it, and after 3 weeks he its forgotten and SURBITCOIN open a new position for someone to take Daniel seat.
In the facebook group Bitcoin Venezuela thats now a SECRET GROUP its Banned to talk about DANIEL ARRAEZ, Randy Brito will delete your post and kick u out for this.
I want to do a public call to
Randy Brito - Reddit: rdymac admin at Founder of Bitcoin In Venezuela, Part Of Bitcoin Owner At Vipplex Partner of Surbitcoin
and Rodrigo de Souza - Reddit: pinhopro Owner of BlinkTrade Partner of Surbitcoin and Vipplex
To go forward and talk about Daniel Arraez detention and what they will do to free him
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