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You should be mining. Don't worry about what the other miners are saying. Start mining now.

So I'm waiting for the influx of "no don't do that it's a waste of money posts" but the primary argument against it is : You won't make back the money you'll spend on the electric bill. Well.. of course you won't, if you sell the bitcoins at the spot rate today. But let's be honest - you're not mining to sell today are you? I know I'm not.
The USD/BTC rate is just about 20 USD now. People never expected it to go above parity with the dollar (ie 1 USD = 1 BTC), but it has done that massively. "Just for interests sake" put an exchange rate of 100 USD to the 1 BTC in the mining calculators ... now even that 100 MH/s card seems reasonable value to run right ?
I also find it interesting that the only people telling you NOT to mine ... are the people already mining !! (No you don't need to dig the gold here fellah - we've got it covered!).
What about ASICs? Well... when they do materalize, then by all means stop, take stock, figure out if you want to buy one or not and then make an informed decision. Not one ASIC has shipped yet... Not one. And the "leading" supplier of these unicorns has just asked for pre-orders of approx 900k USD when .. they haven't even shipped the first batch !!
So.. download guiminer. Get yourself in a pool and start earning some bitcoins.
If you don't know which pool to join, then join me here : until you've done more research about which pool might suit you best.
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Bitcoin Calculator in [English Verison]

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