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Dogecoin surges to dizzying heights amid TikTok hype
Oliver Knight
July 9, 2020, 6:27 am
Dogecoin, a longstanding staple of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, has been struck by a remarkably unexpected rally over the past 48-hours, with it now trading 82% higher against Bitcoin than it was two days ago.
The meme-friendly digital asset, which was created as a joke in 2013, has emerged as a target for millions of TikTok users that claim it will rally all the way to $1.
The #DOGE hashtag now has millions of posts on both TikTok and Twitter, with cryptocurrency exchanges responding by listing both futures and perpetual swap contracts of the cryptocurrency.
This morning Binance revealed that as of tomorrow customers can trade Doge/USDT with up to 50x leverage.
Bitfinex, meanwhile, announced that it will list MDOGE with a conversion rate of one million as it attempts to capitalise on the recent wave of hype.

While a coin like Doge pumping unsustainably may seem like fun, investors should be wary about using leveraged products as it massively increases the risk of liquidation.
To be clear, this is not financial advice but retail investors should be cautious about buying into an asset that has already made substantial gains on the back of a viral social media post, especially when Doge has been the recipient of a number of pump and dumps over the past two years.
Looking at Dogecoin’s chart, the current level of 50 sats has been a historical point of support and resistance dating all the way back to 2015, which means price may be halted here unless another wave of volume comes in.
For more news, guides and cryptocurrency analysis, click here.
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Dogecoin has real potential. Correct me if anything I have said is wrong, please.

Dogecoin has real potential. Correct me if anything I have said is wrong, please.

![img](p0m3cwfn1x831 " There are many misconceptions about Doge that I want to clear up. Although it started as a joke using the same blockchain technology as bitcoin, just with high supply and infinite potential supply, it was given a fixed inflation rate of 5 billion coins annually. Over time the actual percentage gets smaller as the total gets bigger. This means that supply flow can be overwhelmed with high enough demand relatively easily. With the supply in circulation being around 120 Billion currently, and market cap being around 400 Million, if we saw an increase to just 1-2 billion Doge would be worth 1-2 pennies each. A 120 billion market cap would make Doge 1$. If you look at the historical price movements of Dogecoin, you can see that from its lowest point to highest point is almost a 23,000% increase. The coin has never been hacked, and is going through massive accumulation just like bitcoin. In my opinion, Dogecoin is a sleeper of value, especially with the fact that the incentive to mine dogecoin blocks will never go away; unlike bitcoin. (The potential price movements in the chart are highly speculative. Note the similarities in pattern, as I have color coded ups and downs. The next ATH could take us in to the .1-.4 range, if the percentages and time ranges stay the same. I suspect it won't be exact, but it could be similar indeed.) ")
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Cryptocurrencies and the circle of competence

A quick note to investors that believe the intrinsic value of bitcoin is 0 because they can't do a DCF on it: this isn't the place to argue with me about it. I suggest you read a bit more about what it actually is (hint: not a currency). I've defended its value in plenty of other posts on this sub. It's a $40+ billion market, so at least a few people agree with me. I welcome you to short the crypto of your choice if you think it's worth nothing. This is a post for folks that believe that cryptocurrencies have at least some discernible value and are considering investing in them.
If we have a strength, it is in recognizing when we are operating well within our circle of competence and when we are approaching the perimeter. – Warren Buffett
Given the tripling of the cryptocurrency market cap in the last few months and the 3- to 10-fold increases in virtually every major altcoin, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and of course Bitcoin have been getting a stunning amount of attention in the press and on this subreddit recently.
If you follow the cryptocurrency world closely, you know that there have been a huge amount of dubious ICOs (initial coin offerings) on the market recently. It's an explosive time in crypto.
It's also a frustrating time for many long term bitcoiners and crypto fans, because we're faced with a barrage of questions from outsiders who see the returns and want to buy in to the "next big thing" and make a quick buck. This is a warning to those people.
Everyone is a genius is a rising market. It's hard to go wrong these days in crypto. Even coins of dubious merit like Ripple, Dogecoin, Stellar, NEM were pumped 5 times without any fundamental change. Speculators/investors have thrown money at crypto indiscriminately and efficient markets have 100% broken down. The altcoin pump right now is roughly comparable to the Dot Com crisis of the early 2000s.
  1. New tech promises to change the world
  2. Investors jump in on hype and promises
  3. A surge of IPOs (ICOs) occurs to capitalize on this
  4. "Greater fool" traders pile in, thinking they can make money even if the underlying is unsound
  5. Analysts claim "this time is different" while seasoned old hands refuse to participate
  6. Tech is proven not to be as developed as everyone thinks, market tanks
  7. Select few decent companies survive, all the trash is destroyed
  8. Tech eventually fulfills expectations, 10 years later, but none of the investors from the early days make money on it
However, canny (and skeptical) investors can still make money on crypto, as cryptocurrencies are inevitable, and will continue to expand and proliferate, even when the altcoin crash comes.
Something to realize first of all is that the crypto market is heterogeneous. It has straightforward cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, litecoin, dash, monero), smart-contract cryptos (ethereum, ethereum classic) and a whole bunch of crypto tokens that follow dedicated platforms (golem, augur, steem). Not mentioned are ripple and stellar because they aren't really cryptocurrencies at all.
The investing theses for all of these categories is radically different. The measure of success for a currency or store of value is adoption, merchant use, low volatility, a large network, and real world acceptance as something worth owning. Bitcoin has this right now, which is why it's more than 50% of the ecosystem, and none of its competitors are even close. Monero, Zcash, and Dash are a special case in that they try and make transactions anonymous and privacy, allowing for use cases on the darknet markets, for instance.
The tech underlying bitcoin is essentially sound, although it is having a scalability crisis, which you should read about. It can't right now serve as a currency which will buy you a cup of coffee - the transaction fees are too high. However if you want to send $200,000 from Mexico to Indonesia or China to the Philippines, you can do it within 20 minutes, and with fees of a few dollars. And if you want to store your wealth in a vault that is totally secure, and cannot be debased by a central bank, bitcoin is a good bet. This is highly relevant to folks in India that just had cash abolished, to Venezuelans, to Argentines, to Cypriots, to Nigerians, anywhere local currencies are weak and volatile. The potential value of a competing cryptocurrency lies in whether it can improve materially on bitcoin, whether it means incorporating off-chain scaling (segwit with litecoin), making it more private and fungible (monero), automating governance (decred), and so on.
Then there are cryptoassets that incorporate smart contracts. These – ethereum and its derivatives – exploded when the SEC denied the Bitcoin ETF back in march and bitcoiners got worried and started diversifying. This is the market segment that is highly risky, even by crypto standards, in my opinion. Ethereum is a protocol that allows contracts to self-enforce. Programming power to run the contracts is paid for with ethereum. Two parties agree to a contract, and it then self-executes. It's secured by a decentralized computing network of ethereum miners, so the contracts cannot be shut down by a government or corporation. It's pretty clever. Last year, a $150+ million contract was drawn up with ethereum, which would act like a venture capital fund, picking good investments just based on the votes of the token holders. This was called a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, and it was hacked before it could do anything. Well, it was exploited based on the code and so the exploit was totally "fair" given that the contract was meant to be inevitable, once agreed to. However, the creators of Ethereum didn't like the idea of losing $50 million, so they decided to collectively agree to amend the rules of the protocol itself (violating "Code is Law"), and jump onto a new one, which they would also call Ethereum, although it was really Ethereum 2.0. Some people got upset by this, because they thought that immutability and not arbitrarily rolling back the code was more important than some investors losing money because of poorly written code. They created Ethereum Classic, which is the original Ethereum chain. This wasn't what the Ethereum 2.0 folks thought would happen, but it did happen, so there are two competing Ethereum chains now.
Eventually, lots of decentralized apps were funded, via tokensales. A development team would say: "we're going to use ethereum to create a decentralized cloud computing/AI/prediction/gambling/timestamping/social media network." And then investors would buy the tokens, expecting that eventually the dev team would deliver, and the tokens would be in demand, since they would be required to use the network. It's a bit like buying in-game-currency when the game is announced, anticipating that the game would be wildly popular and you'd be able to sell it on later at a profit or acquire it cheaply to buy in-game items later on. However, many of us think that the promises are a bit extravagant, and that investors in these ICOs are probably going to lose money. The incentives aren't well aligned. Founders can just not deliver and run off with the money, and there's no regulatory body to enforce that. And for Ethereum more broadly, many people are worried that the turing-completeness of the language will mean it will face serious threats and unforeseeable hacks, like with the DAO. Finally, Ethereum has increased from around $20 to $90 in a matter of months, which raises the question of whether a) the market realized its true value or b) it was pumped on speculation. There's a huge set of unknowns with a smart contract currency, and virtually none of the promised dapps are up and running right now, and the ones that are haven't really attracted large userbases or delivered. This is because the tech is in its infancy, and the developers are still learning how to use it properly. So we won't know if these sorts of decentralized networks are even possible to create on the timelines that investors are expecting. Therefore, ethereum investors buying it on the promise of the realization of this tech in the near future are almost guaranteed to be disappointed. Additionally, ethereum is making the switch to the largely untested Proof of Stake algorithm, which will change incentives that secure the network. This brings me to my key point:
Stay within your circle of competence. You can grow your circle – slowly. Cryptoassets are almost impossibly complex to grasp with just a cursory look. Investing in them requires weeks of reading and a very skeptical view.
The above was an introduction to cryptocurrencies, the different ones on offer, and why investing in ethereum is not the slam dunk everyone thinks it is. This portion of the post will tell you about the kind of due diligence you need to do if you want to invest, rather than speculate, in crypto.
The first thing to mention is that passive investing in crypto has historically been a terrible strategy. Just buying bitcoin almost always outperformed. This was due to the poor set of altcoins, and the size of bitcoin's almost insurmountable network effect. This sort of changed in March and April when bitcoin's dominance went from 80% to ~50%, and it remains to be seen if this will persist or not. But the point is, buying the index is usually an awful strategy in crypto, particularly because there are so many truly awful projects out there.
So what does it take to invest responsibly in cryptocurrencies? It requires at least a basic understanding of three disciplines: public-private key cryptography; programming, and how open-source projects function; and economics, particularly game theory and the quantity theory of money. This is why is is so difficult to apprehend easily: because very few people actually boast a sincere understanding of these three topics. I certainly don't.
You need to be able to determine whether the tech is actually going anywhere, and whether the task the developers have set themselves is possible or realistic. You need to know how open source networks are governed, and which models strike the best balance between efficiency of decision-making and fair consensus. You need to be able to measure the inflation schedule of the cryptocurrency, and see whether your coins are going to inflated away. You need to be able to make plausible guesses about the potential market for the crypto and estimate future values. Note that the payoff structure is not equity-like. It's more like early stage venture capital, or buying loss-making biotech companies. Here's my checklist of questions to answer, ordered by importance:
  • Does the project offer a significant improvement over its nearest competitor, or a reasonable chance of success in its stated aim? Is there a demand for this project? Does it have a concise and reasonable goal? (Narrower goal: higher likelihood of success).
  • Is the development team competent? Are they committed to the coin? What's their track record? Is is an active dev team? Do they have a roadmap for the future? Are they transparent about goals?
  • How is the development team funded? Is the currency corporate-backed? Is the funding transparent? Was the coin significantly premined? (Usually bad) Are developers paid via iterative community project crowdfunding? (Usually good).
  • What is the governance structure of the currency? Who holds ultimate control over decisionmaking? How are decisions made? Are they transparent? Are mining/developer incentives aligned?
  • Does the asset have acceptance and use today? Does it have a functioning use case? If it doesn't, does it have a decent chance of being accepted?
  • Has the asset's "market cap" tripled or quintupled in the last few months? Was this based on any fundamental changes (new software releases, etc) or just speculation?
  • What are the transaction volumes like? (Hint: divide market cap by monthly averaged daily on-chain tx volume to find a consistent ratio) What's the ratio of on-chain transaction versus exchange speculation? Has price gone up independent of transaction volumes?
  • How long has the asset been around? Think of the Lindy effect. Older is usually better.
  • What's the community like? Is there censorship? Does it have an active subreddit? Do the developers answer questions? Are they accessible? How big is the github community? (Hint: you can divide market cap by github commits to find a comparable ratio).
  • Are you psychologically able to hold this coin in a 90% downturn? Is this a high conviction thesis or are you betting on being able to sell it to a greater fool?
How long did it take you to learn about investing in equities? Reading balance sheets, running DCF and DRI models, figuring out how to value a stock based on comparables? Years? How many mistakes did you make before you figured out how to be responsible?
Cryptos are an asset class that is both radically different from anything that has existed before. They are also incredibly heterogeneous, as I argued above. It also leads to cultism – so bitcoiners generally take a dim view of ethereum, and vice versa. Monero fans generally don't like dash, and so on. You have to keep your mind open to understand new opportunities as they arise, and to stop yourself becoming too mentally invested in your project of choice. The vast majority of projects will fail within 5 years, so becoming overly certain of the success of one will probably devastate you. If you can stay balanced, stay honest about your crypto's chances of success and adoption, not get tunnel vision, and not take overly risky positions, you have a good chance of not losing everything. Remember the payoff structure. Heavily rightward skewed. A ton of cryptos earn no return and a select few earn an absurd (1,000-10,000x) return.
None of this is necessary if you just want to invest randomly in one of the top ten cryptos. That's the strategy of 95% of investors today. Pick a coin and go. If it's not bitcoin, I can pretty much guarantee you'll lose money. The newer, the worse.
I've not made an effort to convince you that cryptos have intrinsic value. If you've made it this far, you probably think they're worth something at least. However, they're probably not worth as much as the market is pricing them at right now. Especially not those in the ethereum family. I'm not going to tell you what to invest in, because that would defeat the purpose of this post. I'm telling you to do your due diligence before blindly buying a crypto. And that due diligence on ethereum is as complex and difficult as Tesla or Amazon DD. And that your skills in equity valuation are pretty much useless in this asset class. My circle of competence doesn't extend to options or lean pork futures, so I don't touch those. I suggest that until you really feel comfortable in crypto, you don't buy randomly.
Summative thoughts:
  1. Investing in crypto is hard
  2. 90% of people that invest at market peaks will lose money
  3. You have to extremely skeptical and invest in high-conviction positions
  4. Cryptos are exhibiting bubbly behavior right now, it's a pretty bad time to pick one out
  5. Cryptos are nothing like equities but they do have real value
  6. Cryptos are the future, but almost none of these coins will survive 10 years
  7. The older the better
  8. Governance is key
  9. These are speculative positions, only invest what you can tolerate losing
  10. You can make money investing in cryptos
  11. Passively investing in cryptos doesn't work
  12. It's a winner takes most market, there won't be 1 crypto that wins. There will be different cryptos for different use cases.
edit: deleted chart with probabilities of success because of subjectivity and oversimplification.
edit2: I've been overwhelmed with PMs so bear with me. also, please forgive any spelling errors on this post. I wrote it in one frenzied sitting.
edit3: I knew I would get a fair amount of resistance from ethereum investors (even though I attempted to keep my post as balanced as possible) but I was unprepared from the breathtaking volume of spam and diversity of attacks. One particular user has made 30 comments in this thread. I don't have a stake in ETC, period. The post is 3000 words long and most of it is about how to properly do your due diligence in a crypto. if ethereum fares poorly by standard due diligence metrics, then perhaps your issue is deeper than one post on /investing.
final edit: there have been some broken-hearted ethereum fans very busy organizing brigades against this post, and attacking me personally, and so on. It's all very incovenient. I can tell that I struck a nerve. This post isn't really about ethereum - it's about how to do research in crypto, and why you can't expect to profit handsomely without that due diligence. I mentioned ethereum because there are 3 or 4 breathless posts on here a day about its stunning gains and whether it's worth investing in. My answer: read about it first, from a diverse set of sources. A final note: I do not own any ethereum classic, I have never owned ethereum classic. I brought it up because it is part of the ethereum story, and an example of what happens when you have a contested hard fork. I do hope that ethereum succeeds, I am just cautioning against over exuberance.
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Here is why your "technical analysis" is completely useless and pointless.

I've seen so many "TAs" posting their analysis here or youtube, blogs and some have even made it to the news.
One thing to understand is that Technical Analysis relies on historical trade data to be accurate. Traditional Charting software is built to filter out anomalies such as outlier spikes or in case of stocks to adjust for splits. So, historical data needs to be accurate.
The crypto market is unregulated so it has been manipulated since the very near beginning. Here is an example of the infamous Wolong boasting about his pump&dump scheme. He/They even released their own coin Pandacoin (one of many with the same name) purely to pump and dump. Wolong "recruited" people to join his pump and dump schemes at a cost, people would join his secret mail list and IRC meetings. They pumped and dumped various coins for at least 2 years that I kept track off.
He/They were very likely not the only ones, and after Wolong boasted openly other groups formed, some of them with really deep pockets. here are few samples of requests to join such groups sent to me in reddit edit: 2nd message is my reply as the perpetrator had deleted his account already.
So, the point is cryptos have been manipulated all along, from the most popular down to the shitcoins. Major movements in cryptos are not largely influenced with what was on the news, if there was a hack or some new tech was introduced or some regulatory decision... the manipulators are the ones directing the movements. So using "historical data" to do any technical analysis is useless and pointless. The only thing they are good for is to rile up people into an expectation that manipulators can use one way or another.
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To all my shibes, a little of a wake up call and advice.

Please, please, please only use money you can afford to lose when dealing with Crypto-currencies dogecoin is no exception. It is specially important to think about this when the exchange rate is acting like it is now.
Let me be clear about this, dogecoin is being gamed right now by people with huge pockets, by individuals who are using $100Ks to pump up the dogecoin exchange rate. It is not the first time, this has been happening since the beginning.
Let's look at the facts. Why do you think dogecoin is as high as it is? Did we implement some new ground breaking tech to the coin? - no Did someone release a killer app using the coin? - no Did we suddenly get an influx of new and active shibes? - no
Regardless of the movement of BTC and the USD, there is nothing fundamentally that can justify the high rise of dogecoin in such a speed, except manipulation by nefarious greedy people. They are building up hype and speculation, a currency can not survive purely on speculation, not even a speculative commodity like gold can justify the increase in price over such a short period of time.
Dogecoin is being manipulated, it will probably hit around 200 and then they will start to dump as soon as they notice the volumes increase for buy orders.
If you really want to compare look at the historical charts, during our peak highs our trade volumes were immense compared to the volumes right now. This does not make any sense at all. Earlier on there were fewer coins in circulation, we had a higher amount of active shibes and had many more vendors. The volumes were around the 1Billion mark. Yet now the volumes have not even broken 100Million , but we have many more dogecoins in circulation.
It does not take a financial wizard to see that this is getting gamed. Don't get caught in the hype. Specially don't put money in this that you can not afford to lose. Sure you may make a few dollars here or there, but the whales that are manipulating dogecoin are making hundreds of thousands. A simple look when dogecoin was 15-20 now its 150 roughly 10 times. someone playing with $100K right now has made $100Ks , they are the ones who are going to sell, when everyone wants to jump on the band wagon "thinking before they miss out" , don't fall for it.
We have a strong community, let us grow dogecoin organically and steady.
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Question about Number of BCH transaction per day

Hi everyone, I usually go to site bitinfocharts to check daily transaction of BCH.
This is the transactions historical chart of Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Dash (four coins which I think in competition for payment coin).
My question is recently BCH has a lot of huge adoption but I didn't see any significant change in its daily transaction. So those numbers calculating by bitinfocharts are trustable? and is there any site I can find similar figures to compare?
Thanks for your help!
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Dogecoin value independent of Bitcoin

I was looking at this chart and found it interesting:
It looks like, historically, Dogecoin's price has been pretty closely tied to its value relative to Bitcoin. Today, however, we're seeing a massive increase in Dogecoin value in USD (approaching all-time high from May) whereas the value relative to BTC remains low. This seems to be the first time this has happened in Dogecoin's history.
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QuoteX coming soon!

QuoteX is Bitcoin and Altcoin Prices & Portfolio support App. Support over 2000 Cryptocurrencies and 50 Exchanges. Enables you quick and easy access to cryptocurrency prices, details and charts. Provide a complete portfolio management, carry out investment transaction records, in a place to easily view the investment income situation.
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☼ New Altcoins Added Regularly - Most new cryptocurrencies are added the same day they are added to the exchange
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[Shibe Market Analysis] An Introduction to Fundamentals-based Valuation

Browsing /dogecoin and the community at large, you may have noticed that typically people "value", or form an estimate of the prices they'd be willing to buy and sell dogecoin at, through a number of methods, most common of which are a buy and hold-style (which at its core is saying dogecoin will be undervalued til we reach the proverbial moon) and technical analysis based, akin to saying "dogecoin hasn't gone below 150 in a while, so buying at 150 is probably a good idea".
While both of these techniques have their merits, there is a 3rd methodology of valuation that may interest the more mathematically-oriented shibes, and is helpful for all shibes to be familiar with, namely fundamentals-based valuation.
What are fundamentals?
Fundamentals are the underlying characteristics of the doge economy; metrics like the average transaction value, network difficulty, block reward and rate of dogecoin production are all ways of "measuring" these characteristics and play a role in fundamentals-based valuation. It is worth noting that only fundamentals-based valuation can answer the question of "why", because it is the only methodology that incorporates the underlying economy beneath the price of doge. For example, if i ask why dogecoin doesn't go below 150, a trader may answer that whales have a buy wall at 150, or there is strong support at 150, but can never really explain why these phenomenon choose the price of 150 to assert themselves.
A Fundamentals-based Valuation
This spreadsheet shows the process of arriving at a target price for DOGE/BTC based on the underlying network difficulty and the cost of building a mining rig.
Modeling the rig
Mining rigs are a core component in the production of dogecoin, and while there are vast differences in their appearance and features, all mining rigs can be boiled down into two key metrics - the capital cost per kilohash per second, and the electrical consumption per kilohash per second. Capital cost per KH/s measures how much it costs to build the rig, and typically hovers around $1 per KH/s. Using quality parts and higher margins of safety pushes this value up, while skimping on quality and operating with smaller safety margins can push this value closer to $0.75 or lower. A lower value of capital cost per KH/s means your rig is more efficient with your capital (the money you use to build it). Electrical consumption per KH/s is much more standard, as the predominant AMD gpus essentially share the same chips, and so even though some cards generate higher KH/s, they also use more electricity. This number combined with the electrical cost per kWh in your region essentially determine your "operating cost", or the cost you pay to keep your rig running. I've used the typical electicity cost in my region, 15 cents per kWh.
As a side note, the primary feature of scrypt asics is not the fundamental revolution it was in bitcoins - scrypt asics simply offer much lower electrical consumption per KH/s in exchange for a much higher capital cost per KH/s. It remains to be seen whether the hardware manufacturing industry will reduce the cost of scrypt asics enough to make them competitive with GPUs on a capital cost per KH/s basis. If this happens, then they will indeed become the dominant form of mining hardware, otherwise there will always be room for GPU rigs.
Modeling the Macro Economy of Doge
The network difficulty parameter you've probably heard of before, and essentially controls how many doges you receive per KH/s over a period of time. Since the total number of doges given out per block must average out to a fixed rate, but the global hash rate changes, the network difficulty adjusts to distribute the doges proportionately.
Finally, the Daily Growth Rate is one of the most important parameters, and one of the hardest to estimate. Essentially it's the growth rate of the dogecoin economy, and different ways of estimating it will dramatically change the result. Historically over the last 2 months, the doge economy has grown at an average pace of 5.04% per day, measured by market cap.
Putting it together
Using the network difficulty, its possible to estimate the daily doge production per KH/s, which using a network difficulty of 1418 works out to be approximately 7.09 doges/day. The electricity used to produce this is a flat $0.000000625 worth of kWh per day. The capital cost, on the other hand, varies according to the interest rate you use. Since we're assuming 1 KH/s costs $1 of capital, the required interest you need to earn on your capital is the effective daily cost of capital. Summing the two costs gives you an estimated total cost per day in USD of producing the 7.09 doge, and from this we can derive an implied exchange rate.
As you can see, the primary driver of changes in this exchange rate is the interest/growth rate on capital - much like how in fiat markets, the interest rate on government bonds determines exchange rates (if I can earn 2.5% on bonds in India but can borrow at 0.25% in the USA, I will borrow USD to exchange into Indian rupees to buy their bonds and earn a 2.25% spread, and in doing so create demand for rupees and supply of dollars in exchange markets, pushing the value of the rupee up).
In the case of doge, you can think of it as you can borrow on your credit card for 35% annually, or approximately 0.082% daily, and then use the money you get to buy a rig, which earns you 1.65% per day, and pocket the difference of 1.56% (please do not max out your credit card doing this). Should the value of doge fall below the level corresponding to 0.082%, new miners no longer will want to take debt to build mining rigs. I haven't done the calculations here, but you can actually use litecoin in a similar manner - litecoin is a safer, more established crypto than doge with less price variation, and so at the same rate of return on capital, a miner will probably choose to mine litecoin. Implicitly this also means that mining doge must earn a higher return than mining litecoin, and so the rate of return on capital mining litecoin sets a floor for the rate of return of mining doge, and thus the price of doge. Should the price of doge hit this floor, rather than the price continuing to fall the global hash rate and difficulty would begin going down instead, and those miners continuing to mine doge would receive the required return on capital because they collect more doges per KH/s.
Examining the selected interest rates, you can see that at the historical average growth rate of 5.04%, doge should be worth 1024 satoshis, more than 5 times the current price. It's clear the market doesn't believe we will continue growing at 5.04% per day. Working backwards from the current exchange rate, we can actually see that the market currently estimates the doge economy to grow at .86% per day going forward. When the block reward halves, if the network difficulty doesn't fall substantially, dogecoin will need to become substantially more valuable in order to justify the capital used to mine it. In practice, it will probably be a combination of the network difficulty decreasing and the price of dogecoin increasing that re-equilibriates the market, but this process may go on for a few weeks during which time the price of dogecoin and the network difficulty may be highly volatile. Notably, the hash rate that leaves dogecoin will probably migrate to other cryptos, and so it may be worthwhile for daytraders and speculators to begin looking for those alt-coins likely to attract the displaced hashrate from dogecoin once the block reward halves, and buy those coins before their network difficulty rises in anticipation of the prices rising.
While this article isn't meant to be a definitive guide on fundamentals-based valuation, it is meant to introduce the concept and light the path for shibes more interested in investing for the long run and display some of the techniques and the frame of mind behind valuations based on the underlying economy, rather than the lines on a chart.
Happy trading shibes!
Disclaimer: I am not psychic and do not actually know where the market is going; I'm pretty sure the market doesn't know where its going either (except TO THE MOON!). Please do not base your trading decisions solely on the above analysis, and never trade more than you're comfortable losing. Finally, please do not hate/sue me if trades don't go your way, but if they do go your way, it was totally because you read this article :)
If you're looking to learn how to trade or just want a quick refresher, check out my ongoing series, or if you just want to subscribe to these market analyses check out DogeTrader.
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/r/Frozen Drilldown October 2014

/Frozen Drilldown

Subreddit Similarity
/annamasterrace 0.44001
/Frozenfriends 0.43024
/elsamasterrace 0.42892
/Elsanna 0.27209
/FrozenFanfics 0.22502
/Tangled 0.21125
/QueenElsa 0.20172
/elselsa 0.19388
/FrozenRehab 0.18586
/FrozenFun 0.17995
/FrozenGames 0.17665
/stolenicemasterrace 0.17045
/FrozenShipWars 0.15553
/Tempestmasterrace 0.14848
/FrozenVirtualBand 0.14151
/r9kElsaProject 0.13983
/kristanna 0.13966
/TheFrozenEffect 0.13878
/WeseltonsGuard 0.13358
/hansmasterrace 0.12816
/disney 0.12415
/OnceUponATime 0.06208
/TheLastAirbender 0.06169
/mylittlepony 0.05146
/httyd 0.05113
/pokemon 0.0477
/doctorwho 0.04376
/twitchplayspokemon 0.04268
/harrypotter 0.04181
/adventuretime 0.03838
/Minecraft 0.03786
/gameofthrones 0.03489
/Disney_Infinity 0.03354
/reactiongifs 0.03309
/WaltDisneyWorld 0.03272
/whowouldwin 0.03206
Of 705 Users Found:
Subreddit Overlapping users
/Frozenfriends 174
/annamasterrace 164
/elsamasterrace 158
/disney 116
/pokemon 110
/Elsanna 108
/TheLastAirbender 97
/Minecraft 94
/cringepics 90
/pcmasterrace 89
/gameofthrones 82
/doctorwho 82
/reactiongifs 82
/Games 80
/leagueoflegends 79
/mylittlepony 66
/4chan 64
/Unexpected 60
/offmychest 60
/woahdude 60
/harrypotter 59
/anime 58
/skyrim 58
/ImGoingToHellForThis 56
/sex 54
/mildlyinfuriating 54
/tipofmytongue 52
/adventuretime 52
/TumblrInAction 52
/buildapc 52
/cringe 49
/SubredditDrama 48
/StarWars 47
/Tangled 46
/relationships 46
/casualiama 45
/twitchplayspokemon 45
/circlejerk 44
/thewalkingdead 44
/thatHappened 43
/wow 43
/FanTheories 43
/TrollXChromosomes 42
/DoesAnybodyElse 42
/Android 42
/tf2 42
/FrozenFanfics 41
/teenagers 41
/Steam 41
/cats 41
/comics 41
/facepalm 41
/oddlysatisfying 40
/trees 40
/QueenElsa 39
/GrandTheftAutoV 39
/breakingbad 38
/TalesFromRetail 38
/wheredidthesodago 38
/OutOfTheLoop 38
/writing 37
/gonewild 37
/talesfromtechsupport 37
/cosplay 37
/promos 36
/gentlemanboners 36
/AskWomen 36
/changemyview 36
/hearthstone 36
/geek 36
/firstworldanarchists 35
/zelda 35
/whowouldwin 35
/AskHistorians 35
/OnceUponATime 34
/dogecoin 34
/techsupport 34
/dadjokes 34
/smashbros 33
/soccer 33
/Christianity 33
/self 33
/civ 33
/startrek 32
/masseffect 32
/halo 32
/nintendo 32
/Fallout 32
/loseit 31
/FiftyFifty 31
/CrazyIdeas 31
/PS4 31
/Marvel 30
/elselsa 30
/AskMen 30
/rule34 30
/GlobalOffensive 30
/MakeupAddiction 30
/DotA2 29
/asoiaf 29
/wallpapers 29
/LadyBoners 29
/shittyaskscience 29
/MapPorn 29
/MorbidReality 29
/comicbooks 29
/depression 29
/nsfw 29
/whatisthisthing 28
/lego 28
/GameDeals 28
/batman 28
/nfl 28
/CrappyDesign 28
/apple 28
/pcgaming 28
/dayz 28
/Bioshock 27
/stolenicemasterrace 27
/firefly 27
/quityourbullshit 27
/rage 27
/Frugal 27
/FrozenRehab 27
/AnimalsBeingJerks 27
/3DS 26
/creepyPMs 26
/NoStupidQuestions 26
/KerbalSpaceProgram 26
/montageparodies 26
/community 26
/battlefield_4 26
/FrozenFun 26
/techsupportgore 26
/amiugly 25
/pettyrevenge 25
/confession 25
/secretsanta 25
/HistoryPorn 25
/DestinyTheGame 24
/magicTCG 24
/battlestations 24
/wiiu 24
/interestingasfuck 24
/Guildwars2 24
/MLPLounge 24
/FoodPorn 24
/nocontext 24
/gamegrumps 24
/theydidthemath 24
/lewronggeneration 24
/relationship_advice 23
/cars 23
/lgbt 23
/lifehacks 23
/roosterteeth 23
/outside 23
/FrozenGames 22
/shutupandtakemymoney 22
/truegaming 22
/learnprogramming 22
/starcraft 22
/TrueReddit 22
/assassinscreed 22
/hockey 22
/MensRights 22
/redditgetsdrawn 22
/ShingekiNoKyojin 22
/explainlikeIAmA 21
/firstworldproblems 21
/friendsafari 21
/tattoos 21
/ainbow 21
/futurama 21
/nba 21
/thesims 21
/AbandonedPorn 21
/polandball 21
/Whatcouldgowrong 21
/raisedbynarcissists 21
/YouShouldKnow 21
/DCcomics 20
/Supernatural 20
/malefashionadvice 20
/conspiracy 20
/tumblr 20
/youtube 20
/JusticePorn 20
/OkCupid 20
/WaltDisneyWorld 19
/SquaredCircle 19
/summonerschool 19
/shittyfoodporn 19
/offbeat 19
/baseball 19
/redditrequest 19
/Sherlock 19
/runescape 19
/thelastofus 19
/LearnUselessTalents 19
/Cinemagraphs 19
/Bitcoin 19
/fatpeoplestories 19
/xboxone 19
/Yogscast 19
/AskScienceFiction 19
/NoFap 19
/Anxiety 18
/FrozenShipWars 18
/oculus 18
/TrollYChromosome 18
/TopGear 18
/fatlogic 18
/Smite 18
/jailbreak 18
/TheFrozenEffect 18
/gallifrey 18
/lotr 18
/PerfectTiming 18
/itookapicture 18
/childfree 18
/youtubehaiku 18
/nostalgia 18
/asmr 18
/progresspics 18
/iamverysmart 18
/picrequests 17
/travel 17
/httyd 17
/Tempestmasterrace 17
/fatpeoplehate 17
/ClashOfClans 17
/dogs 17
/windowsphone 17
/GamePhysics 17
/forwardsfromgrandma 17
/fullmoviesonyoutube 17
/RWBY 17
/notinteresting 17
/cosplaygirls 17
/DeepIntoYouTube 17
/nonononoyes 17
/PrettyGirls 17
/HighQualityGifs 17
/AnimalCrossing 17
/DnD 17
/FancyFollicles 16
/r4r 16
/Paranormal 16
/subredditoftheday 16
/DoctorWhumour 16
/TheSimpsons 16
/swordartonline 16
/buildapcsales 16
/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon 16
/RedditLaqueristas 16
/GifSound 16
/patientgamers 16
/MechanicalKeyboards 16
/ftlgame 16
/popping 16
/DarkSouls2 16
/scifi 16
/Cooking 15
/Awwducational 15
/swtor 15
/kristanna 15
/britishproblems 15
/AMA 15
/GirlGamers 15
/r9kElsaProject 15
/Parenting 15
/TrueAtheism 15
/gamedev 15
/hansmasterrace 15
/canada 15
/FreeKarma 15
/Fantasy 15
/india 15
/GiftofGames 15
/SkincareAddiction 15
/LosAngeles 15
/freebies 15
/FrozenVirtualBand 15
/nononono 15
/Pareidolia 15
/shittyama 15
/justneckbeardthings 15
/mindcrack 15
/Cyberpunk 15
/watch_dogs 15
/hiphopheads 15
/motorcycles 15
/NetflixBestOf 15
/battlefield3 15
/iphone 15
/guns 15
/TheWalkingDeadGame 14
/horror 14
/Terraria 14
/Naruto 14
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 14
/needamod 14
/softwaregore 14
/Hungergames 14
/femalefashionadvice 14
/electronicmusic 14
/chicago 14
/Frisson 14
/SteamGameSwap 14
/KingdomHearts 14
/PS3 14
/vexillology 14
/drunk 14
/ContagiousLaughter 14
/Guitar 14
/shield 14
/vita 14
/onetruegod 14
/humor 14
/sweden 14
/JonTron 13
/WeseltonsGuard 13
/TheRedPill 13
/MarkMyWords 13
/actuallesbians 13
/Damnthatsinteresting 13
/ICanDrawThat 13
/Enhancement 13
/investing 13
/RandomKindness 13
/drawing 13
/blunderyears 13
/Portal 13
/GTA 13
/terriblefacebookmemes 13
/gtaonline 13
/Diablo 13
/europe 13
/howtonotgiveafuck 13
/wowthissubexists 13
/ 13
/FinalFantasy 13
/behindthegifs 13
/Military 13
/feedthebeast 13
/Baking 13
/ForeverAlone 13
/minecraftsuggestions 13
/introvert 13
/keto 13
/AmericanHorrorStory 13
/TheBluePill 13
/Disneyland 12
/Random_Acts_Of_Pizza 12
/TalesFromYourServer 12
/ipad 12
/boardgames 12
/EatCheapAndHealthy 12
/jobs 12
/worldcup 12
/arresteddevelopment 12
/CatsStandingUp 12
/pokemontrades 12
/SuggestALaptop 12
/web_design 12
/Animesuggest 12
/QuotesPorn 12
/SuicideWatch 12
/Philippines 12
/SuperShibe 12
/katawashoujo 12
/awwnime 12
/RandomActsOfGaming 12
/alternativeart 12
/ProgrammerHumor 12
/RoomPorn 12
/beards 12
/happy 12
/australia 12
/electronic_cigarette 12
/Libertarian 12
/Disney_Infinity 12
/arrow 12
/math 12
/PandR 12
/tall 12
/makemychoice 12
/WildStar 12
/marvelstudios 12
/classic4chan 12
/calvinandhobbes 12
/Eyebleach 12
/exmormon 11
/boston 11
/neopets 11
/Health 11
/frozenvirtualchoir 11
/formula1 11
/EDC 11
/gravityfalls 11
/PenmanshipPorn 11
/snackexchange 11
/worldbuilding 11
/Aquariums 11
/LongDistance 11
/everymanshouldknow 11
/hardware 11
/skyrimmods 11
/titanfall 11
/Dexter 11
/shortscarystories 11
/Gaming4Gamers 11
/Drugs 11
/Battlefield 11
/Metroid 11
/LucidDreaming 11
/Tinder 11
/Glitch_in_the_Matrix 11
/Warthunder 11
/aviation 11
/OnePiece 11
/elderscrollsonline 11
/dbz 11
/195 11
/trashy 11
/im14andthisisdeep 11
/ThriftStoreHauls 11
/memes 11
/oldpeoplefacebook 11
/dragonage 11
/paradoxplaza 11
/ffxiv 11
/toosoon 11
/Roadcam 11
/perfectloops 11
/socialism 11
/southpark 11
/Borderlands 11
/ProRevenge 11
/AlienBlue 11
/buildapcforme 11
/RealGirls 11
/AndroidGaming 11
/toronto 11
/WouldYouRather 11
/gaybros 11
/GTAV 10
/recipes 10
/orangeisthenewblack 10
/ShouldIbuythisgame 10
/JenniferLawrence 10
/homestuck 10
/tipofmypenis 10
/unitedkingdom 10
/TrueFilm 10
/duolingo 10
/gamernews 10
/CookieClicker 10
/Eve 10
/3amjokes 10
/watchpeopledie 10
/LetsNotMeet 10
/CFB 10
/FanFiction 10
/Filmmakers 10
/DAE 10
/gif 10
/ExpectationVsReality 10
/DaftPunk 10
/WatchItForThePlot 10
/nerdcubed 10
/KillLaKill 10
/sailormoon 10
/KarmaCourt 10
/MilitaryPorn 10
/gamingsuggestions 10
/applehelp 10
/Punny 10
/Portland 10
/skeptic 10
/sto 10
/bicycling 10
/headphones 10
/entertainment 10
/EmmaWatson 10
/nyc 10
/ShitRedditSays 10
/DunderMifflin 10
/WhatsInThisThing 10
/CGPGrey 10
/minimalism 10
/paydaytheheist 10
/Justrolledintotheshop 10
/standupshots 10
/furry 10
/androidcirclejerk 10
/ProtectAndServe 10
/gaymers 10
/bindingofisaac 10
/linux 10
/misc 10
/ArcherFX 10
/Planetside 10
/legaladvice 10
/gonewildcurvy 10
/japan 10
/xxfitness 10
/TheFacebookDelusion 10
/FrozenFBI 9
/GotG 9
/college 9
/BigBrother 9
/weddingplanning 9
/AnimalsBeingDerps 9
/disneyprincess 9
/Helsamasterrace 9
/getdisciplined 9
/polyamory 9
/Autos 9
/superman 9
/FloridaMan 9
/newreddits 9
/starbound 9
/spongebob 9
/beer 9
/nsfw_gifs 9
/conspiratard 9
/netflix 9
/Seattle 9
/animation 9
/fairytail 9
/Rainmeter 9
/ANormalDayInRussia 9
/iosgaming 9
/Warhammer40k 9
/ghibli 9
/google 9
/diablo3 9
/Celebs 9
/rickandmorty 9
/BDSMcommunity 9
/ladybonersgw 9
/PoliticalDiscussion 9
/somethingimade 9
/Monstercat 9
/MMA 9
/penpals 9
/hentai 9
/wallpaper 9
/IdiotsFightingThings 9
/tf2trade 9
/Anarcho_Capitalism 9
/vinyl 9
/ClubTeen 9
/mexico 9
/linguistics 9
/DebateReligion 9
/misleadingthumbnails 9
/chemicalreactiongifs 9
/fifthworldproblems 9
/whitepeoplegifs 9
/sysadmin 9
/rpg 9
/AppHookup 9
/counting 9
/SourceFed 9
/bleach 9
/gamemusic 9
/AmISexy 9
/Pizza 9
/DrunkOrAKid 9
/webcomics 9
/knitting 9
/bigboobproblems 9
/inthenews 9
/gardening 9
/Foodforthought 9
/CrusaderKings 9
/JobFair 8
/buffy 8
/slowcooking 8
/photography 8
/pokemonzetaomicron 8
/Meditation 8
/RedditDayOf 8
/gamingpc 8
/spam 8
/blackops2 8
/SimCity 8
/computers 8
/longboarding 8
/Metal 8
/EquestriaGirls 8
/circlebroke 8
/ThingsCutInHalfPorn 8
/FellowKids 8
/tech 8
/IndieGaming 8
/darksouls 8
/Catholicism 8
/Gore 8
/Rateme 8
/worldpolitics 8
/spaceporn 8
/manga 8
/nightvale 8
/Buddhism 8
/answers 8
/shittyadvice 8
/ClopClop 8
/birdswitharms 8
/xkcd 8
/badhistory 8
/vegetarian 8
/HistoricalWhatIf 8
/awwwtf 8
/BabyBumps 8
/FrozenProject 8
/yugioh 8
/islam 8
/TaylorSwift 8
/CoDCompetitive 8
/UkrainianConflict 8
/Scrubs 8
/whatsthisbug 8
/undelete 8
/Astronomy 8
/instant_regret 8
/StartledCats 8
/HalfLife 8
/TagPro 8
/FunnyandSad 8
/bisexual 8
/Cynicalbrit 8
/Borderlands2 8
/steampunk 8
/Physics 8
/bannedfromclubpenguin 8
/ABraThatFits 8
/xbox360 8
/Bacon 8
/starcitizen 8
/CollegeBasketball 8
/JurassicPark 8
/dating_advice 8
/SRSsucks 8
/foodhacks 8
/MakeNewFriendsHere 8
/Israel 8
/italy 8
/Cosmos 8
/totalwar 8
/cumsluts 8
/KarmaConspiracy 8
/daddit 8
/LGBTeens 8
/socialanxiety 8
/birthcontrol 8
/army 8
/NotTimAndEric 8
/youdontsurf 8
/SpinningSnowflake 7
/ADreamOfArendelle 7
/punzanna 7
/orphanblack 7
/RedPillWomen 7
/crafts 7
/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces 7
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/r/badlinguistics Drilldown June 2014

/badlinguistics Drilldown

Of 1790 Users Found:
Subreddit Overlapping users
/linguistics 310
/SubredditDrama 184
/badhistory 159
/MapPorn 126
/TumblrInAction 121
/AskHistorians 117
/soccer 112
/languagelearning 104
/changemyview 84
/gameofthrones 83
/badphilosophy 82
/lewronggeneration 81
/europe 73
/cringepics 72
/iamverysmart 68
/polandball 68
/asoiaf 66
/circlebroke 65
/Games 64
/conlangs 64
/TheBluePill 63
/ShitRedditSays 55
/conspiratard 53
/vexillology 45
/thatHappened 45
/programming 44
/leagueoflegends 43
/AskWomen 43
/EnoughLibertarianSpam 43
/math 40
/AskMen 40
/TrueReddit 40
/DotA2 40
/NoStupidQuestions 40
/Christianity 39
/TrollXChromosomes 38
/hiphopheads 37
/asklinguistics 35
/unitedkingdom 35
/cringe 35
/againstmensrights 34
/askphilosophy 34
/nfl 34
/creepyPMs 32
/forwardsfromgrandma 32
/relationships 32
/paradoxplaza 32
/CrusaderKings 31
/worldbuilding 31
/OutOfTheLoop 30
/Spanish 30
/duolingo 30
/casualiama 29
/malefashionadvice 29
/rage 28
/tf2 28
/4chan 28
/woahdude 28
/CrappyDesign 27
/worldcup 27
/mildlyinfuriating 27
/circlebroke2 27
/gaybros 27
/SRSGaming 26
/grammar 26
/reactiongifs 26
/britishproblems 26
/Android 26
/canada 26
/badscience 25
/pokemon 25
/writing 25
/tipofmytongue 25
/skeptic 25
/LearnJapanese 25
/civ 24
/DebateReligion 24
/OkCupid 24
/magicTCG 24
/talesfromtechsupport 24
/translator 24
/pcmasterrace 24
/justneckbeardthings 23
/facepalm 23
/eu4 22
/HistoryPorn 22
/hockey 22
/offmychest 21
/Minecraft 21
/ainbow 21
/AskSocialScience 20
/literature 20
/rpg 20
/SRSDiscussion 20
/etymology 20
/TalesFromRetail 20
/truegaming 20
/ChineseLanguage 20
/classicalmusic 19
/sex 19
/latin 19
/interestingasfuck 19
/Metal 19
/fatlogic 19
/PoliticalDiscussion 19
/French 18
/skyrim 18
/anime 18
/linux 18
/circlejerk 18
/ShitAmericansSay 18
/Frugal 18
/nba 18
/trees 18
/ShitRConservativeSays 17
/CFB 17
/whatstheword 17
/comics 17
/bad_religion 17
/sweden 17
/badliterarystudies 17
/japan 17
/apple 17
/starcraft 17
/xkcdcomic 17
/Economics 17
/smashbros 17
/KerbalSpaceProgram 16
/Anarchism 16
/Bitcoin 16
/australia 16
/German 16
/bicycling 16
/AskScienceFiction 16
/hearthstone 16
/Unexpected 16
/comicbooks 16
/whatisthisthing 16
/Foodforthought 16
/BadSocialScience 15
/oddlysatisfying 15
/PanicHistory 15
/badpolitics 15
/badeconomics 15
/boardgames 15
/TheLastAirbender 15
/HistoricalWhatIf 15
/germany 15
/travel 15
/whowouldwin 15
/CGPGrey 15
/socialism 14
/wow 14
/notinteresting 14
/toronto 14
/SkincareAddiction 14
/AskCulinary 14
/firstworldanarchists 14
/russian 14
/Python 13
/scifi 13
/CrazyIdeas 13
/PropagandaPosters 13
/UkrainianConflict 13
/quityourbullshit 13
/community 13
/learnprogramming 13
/Physics 12
/MakeupAddiction 12
/orangeisthenewblack 12
/offbeat 12
/asktransgender 12
/GameDeals 12
/conspiracy 12
/motorcycles 12
/Fantasy 12
/lgbt 12
/Cyberpunk 12
/wikipedia 12
/printSF 12
/self 12
/Catholicism 12
/startrek 12
/TrueAtheism 12
/Steam 12
/findareddit 12
/theydidthemath 12
/JusticePorn 12
/dogecoin 12
/MorbidReality 12
/SRSMythos 11
/StarWars 11
/confession 11
/TEFL 11
/Cooking 11
/GunsAreCool 11
/frugalmalefashion 11
/pettyrevenge 11
/Libertarian 11
/vegan 11
/CanadaPolitics 11
/terriblefacebookmemes 11
/MensRights 11
/Portland 11
/Scotland 11
/shittyfoodporn 11
/booksuggestions 11
/answers 11
/techsupport 11
/MLS 11
/rupaulsdragrace 11
/Drugs 11
/twitchplayspokemon 11
/TrueAskReddit 11
/GlobalOffensive 11
/fatpeoplestories 10
/nintendo 10
/TrollYChromosome 10
/ireland 10
/ProtolangProject 10
/openbroke 10
/SampleSize 10
/minimalism 10
/fifthworldproblems 10
/Coffee 10
/law 10
/beer 10
/montageparodies 10
/india 10
/delusionalartists 10
/FanTheories 10
/wiiu 10
/no_sob_story 10
/ImGoingToHellForThis 10
/Buddhism 10
/asianamerican 10
/Korean 9
/youtubehaiku 9
/korea 9
/socialjustice101 9
/france 9
/patientgamers 9
/gamernews 9
/geek 9
/cats 9
/DarkSouls2 9
/ukpolitics 9
/magicskyfairy 9
/nerdfighters 9
/shittyaskscience 9
/atheismrebooted 9
/China 9
/trashy 9
/Judaism 9
/TiADiscussion 9
/PoliticalHumor 9
/standupshots 9
/typography 9
/tattoos 9
/Guitar 9
/Anarcho_Capitalism 9
/WildStar 9
/chicago 9
/teenagers 9
/PurplePillDebate 9
/sanfrancisco 9
/slp 8
/tea 8
/DebateAnAtheist 8
/nyc 8
/entertainment 8
/Seattle 8
/AskAnthropology 8
/QuotesPorn 8
/IWantOut 8
/Fallout 8
/taiwan 8
/MMA 8
/tumblr 8
/de 8
/baseball 8
/DeepIntoYouTube 8
/YouShouldKnow 8
/GirlGamers 8
/metalgearsolid 8
/DnD 8
/BuyItForLife 8
/WeAreTheMusicMakers 8
/vancouver 8
/bindingofisaac 8
/CityPorn 8
/doctorwho 8
/vegetarian 8
/RedactedCharts 8
/exmormon 8
/ProgrammerHumor 8
/thesims 8
/investing 8
/knitting 8
/religion 8
/gamedev 8
/PS4 8
/buildapc 8
/OneY 8
/photography 8
/Marvel 8
/gaymers 8
/AskUK 8
/Conservative 8
/Feminism 8
/london 8
/dwarffortress 8
/totalwar 8
/Meditation 8
/polyamory 7
/bodyweightfitness 7
/guns 7
/mylittlepony 7
/lingworldproblems 7
/WebGames 7
/RedditDayOf 7
/AskLiteraryStudies 7
/gamegrumps 7
/loseit 7
/askgaybros 7
/Pathfinder_RPG 7
/me_irl 7
/Nexus5 7
/depression 7
/thenetherlands 7
/darksouls 7
/relationship_advice 7
/compsci 7
/vita 7
/jobs 7
/SRSsucks 7
/actuallesbians 7
/AbandonedPorn 7
/bigboobproblems 7
/LetsTalkMusic 7
/SRSFunny 7
/geography 7
/3DS 7
/breakingbad 7
/learnmath 7
/TheSimpsons 7
/worldpolitics 7
/AskAcademia 7
/PenmanshipPorn 7
/promos 7
/fullmoviesonyoutube 7
/TheoryOfReddit 7
/DepthHub 7
/Ask_Politics 7
/Psychonaut 7
/blunderyears 7
/musictheory 6
/fitnesscirclejerk 6
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Dogecoin - From joke cryptocurrency to Bitcoin rival - YouTube

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