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An idea: a service that will give a tiny (nanoscale) donation to a site each time you upvote it

It is similar to Flattr, YouTipIt and witcoin (and maybe some other services), but no, I didn't steal this idea from them. I had an idea of service like this back in 2006, but there were no BitCoin around that time so I thought it won't work (chicken-and-egg, etc.) so I've pursued somewhat different tangents and all that stuff have failed. But now as we have BitCoin and sites which work in similar manner I'm again very enthusiastic about this.
So here's how it is different from other services:
I also have some ideas about an improved version which works a bit like a stock exchange and you more like invest rather than donate and if you can earn some money if you like good things. I think this way it will be much more interesting, not as a money-making thing but as a game of some sort. But it requires rather complex mechanics and a number of active users to be interesting, so I can do this some time later, maybe. See also: Prediction market, witcoin.
My biggest fear is that I will make this service but nobody will use it so I will look like an idiot. That's why I was procratinating for 5 years. So, guys, please tell me if you're interested in service like this.
Another problem is that I'm alone with my projects and this freaks me out. So if you like this idea we can build this together. You don't need to be a coder -- help with ideas, copywriting, design, promotion etc. also matters.
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How to Trade Stock With No Commision?

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